Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work in Progress

    Please be patient with me as I update the look of my blog, it will probably take me awhile so it may look a little different or a lot different between visits.  I am playing around to see what will work and will not work, but I have to test it for me to actually feel it out if that makes sense.

   I did want to share a song today.  I was feeling the worst I have felt in awhile today with grieving and life occurrences on top of grief and just felt at such a loss but then I hear this song on the radio, a new one I have not yet heard before today Mandisa called "Stronger"  I know the pain will last forever and I believe that things will not get better in the sense that I will always be saddened that I no longer have Lilly here with me but that I will learn to live with it better each day if I trust in Him.



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