Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy First Birthday Lilly Elizabeth!

    Today my baby girl would have been a year old.  She should have been crawling and just about ready to start walking.  We should have been planning an elaborate birthday party...instead we took tokens of flowers and balloons to her graveside. Today also marks one year from the beginning of her 6 day miraculous life!  These thoughts kept floating through my head all day long.  The emotions are raw and at times heavy beyond belief.  This is a celebration of her life though and I will focus on that for today!

      I had asked Alanna & my SIL Sarah to wear corsages and they both chose to.  My oldest daughter and I also wore corsages in honor of Lilly's birthday!  I plan on doing this every year and both lovely ladies have chosen to join me in this tradition each year as well.

Mommy & Big Sister's corsages

Aunt Alanna's corsage

Aunt Sarah's corsage

"One lily for one year. Thinking of you on this special day. We love you." sent to us from my SIL, BIL & 3 nephews

1st Birthday cupcake, it was too windy to light at cemetery so we lit it at home and we sang happy birthday then kids blew out her candle.

Carnation picked out by oldest older brother, rose picked out by daddy. Our oldest son placed them on her marker  this way; had to take a picture of such a sweet gesture.

Balloons & flowers (from stuffed animal on is another baby's spot)

Gifts for Lilly

Front of card made by our eldest son

"Today is your birthday! you are one and you learn to cral. I hope this dream comes true" My son the writer.  He had us all sign it.

Cake from Ann, her daughter Alyssa and Lilly celebrate their birthdays on the same day.  I am honored to know both Ann and Alyssa.  She said she feels like each cake she picks is meant to be which is so true. Very neat because she pointed out that there are six butterflies on the cake, one for each day that Lilly lived and 3 butterflies surrounding Lilly's cake, one for each of her siblings.  Thank you so much Ann!   

This beautiful Lily is from Lisette whose daughter Sami shares Lilly's same diagnosis.  I have gotten to know her well am honored to know Sami through her mommy's words.  This Lily is beautiful and yellow and I love how she wrote Lilly Elizabeth's name on the petal.  Thank you so much Lisette.

    We hung out as a family, just enjoying one another, embracing and cherishing one another.  We miss Lilly everyday and our hearts break a little everyday.  We also reflected with family and friends the joys we experienced knowing her.

   I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes to our darling Lilly, they were greatly appreciated and extremely touching.  Our hearts were overwhelmed with the joy of how many remembered her along side us.



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