Monday, March 22, 2010

One Month today-memories of Lilly's trips

She would have been one month today. Wow, unfortunately time flies. Today was a sad day in that she is not here so I wanted to post something upbeat because at the same time as being sad about missing her, I also am happy to have spent time with her and gotten to know her like we did.

Lilly was with us (though we didn't know it at the time) during our trip to visit our family in Texas. She celebrated our 10 year high school reunion with some family at a barbecue (you know who you are). I got to celebrate a birthday with Lilly. I also got to eat ice cream cake, churros, and lots of good food with her. She got to go to Sea World with us, which is my favorite amusement park!!!
Lilly went with us to Southeastern, a bowling tournament that is held yearly. Our family bowls and my husband was in the tournament. Lilly and I went swimming, or tried to rather, I got nauseous and had to get out of the pool but we sunbathed all day. That was a good day, just hanging out by the pool. That trip was when we told our family that we were expecting our fourth child and they were excited and happy, as it should be. It was a perfect moment when we told all of them!
Lilly was along for the ride when we visited South Carolina, where more of our family is located. First for an IRONMAN tournament that my father in law holds every year. Its a whole weekend full of bowling. We were there for that and later for their yearly New Year's scotch doubles bowling party. I had asked the Dr. if it was ok for me to bowl since I hadn't been bowling in years and I was over 31 weeks pregnant. I didn't bowl good, but I had fun and Lilly got to go bowling with mommy.


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