Monday, March 29, 2010

Milk Donation

I went and had my blood test done for the milk bank. I am sending the milk I have pumped since having Lilly to a milk bank in Texas. I was referred to the website by the lactation nurse at the hospital. It gave me hope, as I did not know that was even possible. Lilly has definitely taught me a lot. The lady at the milk bank described a baby who had been born with his intestines all on the outside and so the Dr. had to put them back in and now he has what they call short gut something (I apologize as I can't remember the technical word) and he can not tolerate anything but breast milk. He has turned a year old and still he can only tolerate breast milk. So basically the only reason he has been alive so long is due to breast milk and the use of the milk bank. They keep trying to give him something else, though he hasn't been able to tolerate it. Unfortunately there are many stories like this and I hope that Lilly's breast milk can help one of those babies. They use a lot of the milk for the NICU's in the hospital for the sick babies and those born prematurely, and if the Dr's prescribe breast milk to a baby. I found that you can also be nursing a baby and donate extra milk you may be pumping. My goal is to try and see if we can get a milk bank in the state I live in, as there is not one yet.
Lilly has taught me so much in that I used to stress so much about everything and now I just take it one moment, one day at a time and things that used to matter just aren't important anymore. There are more important things out there and I knew that but now I feel it and can stress less about the small stuff. Its a hard lesson to learn though. And I'm still learning as I go.
I've decided to type up Lilly's story soon so when that is finished I will post that it is done, that way those of you who are willing may read her story. I feel kind of bad that I haven't done it sooner, though I feel everything happens when it is meant to. Its been a rough week, I've found that when I least expect it the tears start to fall. And then other times I am ok and can talk about Lilly without feeling broken hearted that she is not in my arms. I'm thankful that I am ok around others that are expecting as they should enjoy and be excited about their pregnancy. And I can be happy for them. It doesn't mean I miss Lilly any less.


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