Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rachel's Gift

I have decided to volunteer for Rachel's Gift. I want to help other mothers who are going through this bittersweet journey. This organization was founded by a mother who lost her baby due to a car accident in 2006, seven weeks before her due date. For more information on this organization please click here. There is also a link on Lilly's blog under the "Click Here For" section.

What the organization does is offer companionship to grieving mothers and families who are suffering the loss of their child. They also offer a box full of keepsakes and grieving information. Our NILMDTS photographer Michelle is a part of Rachel's Gift so I had the pleasure of receiving the services offered by Rachel's Gift.

I am a little nervous. as I don't take volunteering for Rachel's Gift lightly at all. I only hope that I can help others the way that Rachel's Gift helped me. The keepsakes we get of our dear children are an amazing comfort for as much as they can be of comfort with the loss of a child.


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