Thursday, April 29, 2010

Better day

I just wanted to post real quick that I had a better day today. While I've accepted that there will be up and down moments, a roller coaster of emotions, if you will, I can't say that I've completely learned to incorporate life and grief together as one. I believe that will take time and I believe that it is normal for me to have to get used to living with grief and random emotions. I am stumbling around a bit, as my grief is still fresh. I am just taking each moment as it comes, happy or sad, and allowing myself to feel each emotion as it comes. One thing for sure that remains constant is I can never be sad in remembering Lilly, just sad she is no longer with us. But I don't regret carrying her to term, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, even knowing that I could not keep her here with us.

A fellow coworker and dear friend suggested I look up this song today and I did. I love the lyrics! It sums up perfectly how I can still praise God through this difficult time in my life. Though its hard to fully understand, when I'm lost that's when I turn to Him the most. I trust in Him and have faith in Him.


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