Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Kiss For Lilly

I have a matching bracelet set that was given to me and Lilly by a dear friend and coworker. The one for Lilly was placed on her right wrist by my husband the day we laid her body to rest. My husband then placed my matching bracelet on my right wrist. I wear the bracelet everyday. Our bracelets did have matching hearts, though mine sadly has fallen off and disappeared. I keep hoping it will pop up. If not I plan to replace it with a charm that may have her footprints made on it or find a similar heart to the original that was on my bracelet to match the one still on Lilly's wrist.
We were tucking in our youngest son who is 2 years old and he occasionally gives kisses to the bracelet and says he's kissing Lilly. The kids know the significance of the bracelet. He has kissed the bracelet before, but tonight he said "love you, love you" Lilly. In our bedtime routine we do the sign for "I love you" on both hands and wiggle our fingers with our children's fingers. It was created by our oldest daughter and my husband and became a family tradition at bedtime.
It just means so much when the kids talk about Lilly and include her in our day. He made my day by remembering her and wanting to send her kisses and "love you love you's". I almost cried right on the spot. He became an older brother when we found out we were pregnant with Lilly and he remembers her. He always gave her kisses all the time she was alive, he would just come up and kiss her and be soooooo gentle. He was always gentle with her even when he tickled her :). They all were gentle with her.
Kids are amazing, they are so precious!!! God's greatest gifts. I'm glad He shared Lilly with us. I feel our family was truly blessed to have been given the chance to meet and hold Lilly even for a short while. Those moments were worth the 9 months of carrying her. And we will always treasure and be grateful for those 6 days 5 hours and 30 minutes we were all given. And now nothing can take that away :)


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