Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two Month mark #1

If Lilly were still alive, we would be celebrating her turning 2 months old. I know that to those of you who have not suffered a loss of a child it may seem odd or unhealthy even to listen to the moms who have lost a child celebrate or recognize these milestones. I want to keep the memory of our daughter Lilly alive. There's nothing wrong with that. Thinking of her, talking about her, makes her real and as alive as she'll ever be with us here on earth, being that her time was cut short. For those of you who thought about us today, we appreciate it. Words can never express our gratitude to those of you who have stood by us. My baby would have been 2 months old today. The title is #1 because in 6 days we will hit the 2 month mark from the day that she left us to be with our heavenly Father.

I'd like to share a poem I wrote for Lilly today:

It has been two months since our little Lilly Bear was born, but with us she could not stay
We lost a piece of our hearts the day our Lilly went away
During her time with us, all she knew was Love
Our precious little miracle, sent from up above
She was peaceful and content and brought love to everyone she met
We will carry Lilly with us and what she taught us we will never forget
She opened my heart to more than anyone will ever know or understand
And I cherish how I felt when she held my finger in her little hand
I wished for one more day and got six days instead
And although I see only curves and bumps in the road of life up ahead
One thing I know for sure is my darling daughter little Lilly
Will always have with her a special part of me

love and prayers


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